I use jewelry many times as the basis for a beginning point in a painting. Lately, Tony Duquette has been a constant source of color and pattern inspiration. This is an upclose photo of one of his citrine, diamond, and fluorite bracelets. Well, if I can’t have it on my wrist, I’ll have to settle for it hanging on my wall……



Squirt Gun



So my three dogs love to go bonkers four times a day when horse drawn carriages pass. I bought a plant sprayer and filled it with vinegar and water. It was pretty effective but I had to get within at least five feet to make contact. They hated it. I was onto something…Then came the water gun idea. Water guns have come a long way since my day. They can spray up to twenty-five feet and have backup cartriges. I ordered this pump model and the barking is slim to none once the gun comes out. It really douses ‘em good. Spray paint is one of my first go to solutions for anything and I wasn’t loving seeing the orange, navy and white gun on my desk everyday. The black spray paint really took it to a whole new level of urban assault. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll spray paint it hot pink. Either way, it’s getting the job done for sure!



Friday I had to go to the French Quarter and it was a good opportunity to stop by UAL (whole other story but if you haven’t been..you should) for a sale and as luck would have it, I parked right in front of Lucullus.  My friend Roberta is always a breath of fresh air anytime I stop into the shop.  Lucullus specializes “in the perfect compliments to the grand pursuits of dining, cooking, and imbibing.” The store is filled with the most beautiful and interesting objects.  Copper pots, sets of antique linen napkins, antique king cake figurines, French commodes, mirrors, and all sorts of fabulous things.  I could try to describe the shop and it’s luscious courtyard but I don’t think I could really do it justice.  Here are a few pictures to give you a preview although going in the shop is a must.


So, I was faced with some ugly beige marbled brown tiles in one niche of my studio and bathroom.  I needed a way to make them look better without replacing them quite yet.  So…I consulted you tube and found a woman who was demonstrating how to paint vinyl tiles.  It was, actually, painfully easy.  You just buy this product called de-glosser from the hardware store.  Apply it with a cloth and let it dry–it really had no smell but I wore some glasses and gloves to be sure.  Then I applied a thin coat of floor paint and a top coat of polyurethane.  It hasn’t chipped at all yet.  Even my roller desk chair back and forth on it hasn’t even made a scuff.  One day real marble…! Today… green vinyl…!

The Factory by Way of Algiers



My friend Elizabeth Bofinger (who also sells amazing homemade mayonaise) called me and said a lady in Algiers had a vault of vintage clothing. We made a trek across the river and it truly was like stepping back in time. The daughter-in-law of a woman who saved everything was selling off two storage containers. It was all sixties era goods. She spun a pretty interesting yarn about her relative being Andy Warhols pot dealer in NYC. She had journals and memorabilia that she was trying to sell to some art dealers. The woman is still alive and is still so busy hoarding in California that she’s about to lose her apartment. I tried to not go crazy and buy too much but I did pick up a few really fun pieces…all in all I spent $45….so not bad!!

15 Minutes

Paint brush in hand, I stared at my half-dead plants and my really dead sod. Painting the pots was about all that could be done to improve my courtyard without a trip to the nursery. So I painted that terracotta and I think it looks like a lot more fun out there.
….Now if I could just keep those pots watered!



New French-ish Desk

I had a beautiful Butler’s desk from Philadelphia in my studio for the past three years. It was getting trashed so I went on the hunt for an inexpensive replacement. I found this French reproduction from the fifties at Renaissance Interiors in Metairie (a place that I find so many great things- it’s a consignment warehouse of sorts) This desk was under $200 so I snatched it up! It’s perfect for this little niche in between the gallery and my back workroom. This way I dont feel awful when my paint fingers get on the drawers etc. Now I just need to figure out how to paint these gross stick on floor tiles until I can afford something nicer. Think I’m gonna consult my faux finishing guru E. Lee Mead. I’ll let y’all know what I discover.



Thrift Store Gold

So it’s hot and a little monotonous here towards the end of August. I’m actually going a bit stir crazy. I decided to venture out to the Bridge House Thrift store on Airline Hwy and had a blast. These two bracelets were $5 each. They had all sorts of interesting items and very nicely arranged as thrift stores go. The find of all finds is the bright blue leather that bracelets are photographed on. I picked that up at the Tandy Leather Store that’s right next door. I’m going to use that to replace some faded green felt on a Butler’s desk I use in the studio. Successful trip no doubt!!